Knights Valley Franz Valley Association

Preamble to the Constitution of the Knights Valley Franzs Valley Residents Association

Whereas, the Knights Valley and Franz Valley area is an agricultural and rural community of unsurpassed beauty and natural tranquility.

Whereas, the residents of this area and visitors thereto cherish these peaceful surroundings,

Whereas, the residents are concerned with the preservation of their area and the prevention of its destruction as has happened to similar areas in the State of California,

Now, therefore, these concerned residents do hereby join together to do their best to preserve the natural, rural, and agricultural values of the hills, streams, and wildlife which so richly endow this area,

To work together to present their concerns regarding changes in this area to the appropriate agencies,

To work together to protect and assist each other in fire, police and other emergency situations.


Mount Saint Helena

Board Members

Tom EddyPresident
Steve GouldSecretary
Jessica LinkTreasurer
Robert MusanteMember
Kathy BurtonMember
Eugene Boyadjieff  Member
Will DensbergerMember

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